ShoeZeum Owner Jordan Geller Is Selling His Collection on eBay

Jordan Geller owns the largest sneaker collection in the world.  His collection has been featured on  ”Pawn Stores”  and is in the Guinness World Record Books for largest sneaker collection in the world.

Jordan Geller is now retiring his sneaker collection and is auctioning all his sneakers on starting at 1 cent bids.  According to Geller he has every single Nike shoe ever created since they first started selling sneakers.  His collection became so big and popular that Nike owner Phil Knight traveled to Geller’s house in San Diego in a private jet with a few other Nike execs to see it for himself.  Phil Knight was amazed and later invited Geller to a few Nike events where he finally got to meet his idol, Michael Jordan.

Jordan Geller’s collection consist of sneakers he’s bought for a couple dollars at thrift shops to some that he has spent thousands of dollars bidding on ebay.

Now he has finally decided to sell all of his shoes and retire from the sneaker game for good.

You can start bidding on his famous collection shoes individually on ebay —->










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